Who We Are

We are Jewish, Jew-ish, Jew-friendly, and Jew-curious.

We are an emergent, grassroots, Jewish-core-values-based community of spiritual seekers.

We are liberal and progressive. We are welcoming, fun, serious and humorous.

We are soulful, vibrant, casual and relaxed.


Common Concerns

We are united in our concern for a free and equal society, and our common human quest to be our best selves, and to elevate the world around us.

Holy Sparks! is our response to the call to be holy, to bring a sense of the sacred into our daily lives.

Together, we mend our souls, and the world, one Holy Spark! at a time.


Join Us!

Our tent is large, but cozy. Our gatherings are small and friendly.

We gather to learn, sing, pray, eat, play, schmooze, meditate, celebrate.

We gather to engage with the prayers in our hearts and the words on the page. We encourage discussions that are probing, relevant, and meaningful. We dare to ask the questions.


Our Jewish Core Values

Our doors are open and seekers are welcome, whether Jewish, Jew-ish, Jew-friendly, or Jew-curious. Here, we offer the Jewish experience of learning, wisdom, and sharing the warmth of being community. We believe that Judaism is one way of bringing more light, love, joy, goodness, peace, and equality into the world. We do this by fully living from the core values we find in the Jewish “instruction manual for living,” which is called the Torah.

Our core values, short form:

1. B’tzelem Elohim: Created in the Divine Image.

2. Gemilut chasadim: Acts of kindness.

3. Lo ta’amod al dam re’echa (“you shall not stand by idly”) v’tzedakah (charity through time, talent, and treasure). We stand by, but not idly...

4. Torah lishmah: Love of learning.

5. Tikkun Ha’Nefesh v’Teshuvah: Repair of the soul, and turning. We cannot begin to repair the world until we have begun the repair of our own selves.

6. Tikkun Olam: Repairing the World.

7. Simcha v’ hakarat ha’tov: Joy and gratitude.

8. V’ahavta l’reiacha kamocha v’ahavat ger, love of others and loving the stranger.

9. Kehillah v’avodah: community and service. We become a caring, vibrant community by our avodah, the spiritual work we do to make sacred connections to G!d, community, and self.

10. Lech l’cha: Go forth (literally, “go for you” or “get to yourself”). The Torah’s overarching story is one of journey.

What stories do we tell ourselves, do we choose to live by? We share our stories with one another, we journey together. We are faithful to the task of seeking. We gather together so that we may strengthen ourselves, once again, for the journey.


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