What is a Community Rabbi?

Community Rabbi available for coffee and conversation

As a Community Rabbi, I am available to the entire community–Jewish, not Jewish, and everyone in-between.

My work is to connect people to one another, to support and encourage, and to explore the possibility of deeper spiritual meaning in daily life. This is my personal charge as an ordained Modern Rabbi.

Whether it is pet bereavement or a challenging life situation or someone just needs to reach out for a bit of hope or inspiration, G!d has asked me to respond with kindness and compassion. I will also do educational work by way of classes and writing and study groups as I can. And I am also here to answer questions people might have about Judaism or other religious traditions, and while I don’t have all the answers, I can certainly assist in finding them.

Mostly, I am here as a presence, as a connecting point for people on the level of soul, and most of all, to help YOU find your own spiritual meaning in your life, especially at the most challenging moments.

That is my work, and it is for the entire community, not just Jews or someone interested in Judaism.

I am a Community Rabbi called to serve the larger community of all of us.

Together, we are stronger. Together, we grow and learn to practice radical kindness and develop deep compassion. This is my work as a Community Rabbi.